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 Post subject: Broken
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:29 pm 
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This was the day, the day I would stand proudly with my brothers in arms and finally be consider as the hero I so deeply deserved to be consider as. I would prove my worth for it would be on this day that people would say that it was I Duradarin that brought down the cursed pirate Hotho One-Eye the reaver of souls.

My brothers in arms and I had been dispatched to defend a small fishing town when we had heard the town halls bells ring out the alarm that raids where near by. Some how I knew deep down in my soul that this would be no ordinary raid that this would be the day that I would face that dread pirate and bring him to justice. My men and I rushed to the town gate in hopes of meeting the raiders there and forcing them to fight us in a bottle neck but what i found there was more strange then i could possibly realise. At the gate stood one figure... it was the the half orc pirate Hotho One-Eye.

He stood there without any of his men, just him there alone at the gate. We marched towards him ready for any form of trap, but instead he issued out a challenge, he would leave the town unharmed if anyone of us could beat him in one on one combat. I knew this was my time to shine, this was my time to realise my fate and strike down this evil pirate. I stepped forward and accepted his challenge fully confident that i would win.

The fight lasted all of 30 seconds, hes first swing of his great axe broke my shield arm, hes next swing took my left leg clean off.As I lay there broken he looked down at me and said " for your courage i will give you your life, so you may tell the rest of this land what you witnessed here today..." He then walked off, and proceeded to kill the rest of my men.

He destroyed the whole town, left no one alive accept myself, he killed everything and burned the village to the ground. Before he left the village her turned to me as I lay there broken: "you tell them that i was here, and this is what will happen until what was stolen from me is returned... I will burn and kill all of mellus if i have to..." He then stormed off leaving me there...

I tell you this now so that you know... That he is ruthless creature.... making demands that make no sense as he never specified what was stolen from him... I can only hope that perhaps someone will be able to stop him...

"When kings upon the main have clung to pride, and held themselves as masters of the sea. I've held them down beneath this crushing tide. Til they have learned that no one masters me..." - Thrice

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