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 Post subject: The Soakbones
PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:28 am 
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Dagon walked the coast of the stony shore along Kulda island. He was a smaller verison of a half-orc, he had black skin with a nasty scar running across his eye. Though was more muscular than most humans he was roughly of their size, and his face bore very orcish traits. He spotted two figures off in the distance, a large looking figure and a much smaller figure. They seemed to be wrestling until suddenly the large figure grabbed ahold of the smaller one's head and pushed it underwater. Dagon squinted and put his left hand up to shield his eyes from the sun. The large figure continued to hold the other one down beneath the waves.

Dagon chuckled, putting his each hand on the handaxes that hung from his belt and continued along the coastline. By then he could see the figure was large orc wearing a robe of seaweed and ship sails. The large orc had drug the younger orc from the sea and began to breath air into the younger one's chest, interminantly pressing both hands to his chest and pumping. He repeated this several times and Dagon watched over his shoulder with a smirk.

"I think you lost this one Soakbones," he said sternly.

"Impossible! I have almost never lost the younglings in the thirty years I've been doing this," snarled Dagmar Soakbones.

"Aye, almost but it looks like the sea has already claimed 'em," Dagon nodded slowly as he spoke

"Yes, he will feast under the waves tonight, this is a foul omen indeed," said the Soakbones solemly.

"Spare me your omens priest, the storms we had during our siezing of the Lady Victoria mercent vessel was suppose to be a foul omen as well," growled Dagon.

"Hear me Iron Dagon, son of Dagon, Lord of the Kulda. This IS a foul omen, I urge you to stay here on Kulda until the storms pass," pleaded the Soakbones.

"Just bless me priest, bless my voyage," Dagon told the priest as he kneelt before him.

Dagmar Soakbones reached for his waterskin and uncorked it. He slowly tipped it over the head of Dagon. Dagon closed his eyes and let the salt water rush down his head.

"You have died once, you cannot again. The sea will protect you Iron Dagon," the Soakbones said meekly as he put the cork back on his water.

Dagon stood, looking eye to one eye, as the Soakbones wore an eyepatch.

Dagon grunted, "Soakbones," he then nodded and turned away to continue his walk along the coast.

"Be care IRON Dagon, there are many perils that await you," shouted Soakbones.

Dagon stopped and turned back around, looking at the priest, and then the drowned young orc body at his Soakbone's feet.

"Shouldn't you be giving him into the sea right about now?" Dagon smirked as he posed the question, he turned back and started walking again.

The Soakbones gave him a disgusted look and finally bent down to pick up the small orc and carry him into the ocean.

Dagon continued his walk along the shoreline for a few more miles, whistling to himself until he came to a small dock with a massive galleon siting there....waiting for him. The ship was as beautiful as she was black, it must have taken his crew a few weeks but they finally finished painting. One the port side of the ship it read in scrawled, crimson letters Harbinger.

Dagon smiled as he boarded the ship, "Well down lads, hoist the main sail, those three other buggers got a head start on us. There is fortune and glory awaiting us lads, it's just up to us to claim it. Time to show 'em what us orcs are made of."

The crew cheered in approval, Dagon turned away and headed down the stairs to his captain quarter's. He shut the door behind him and lit the lantern on the table. Dagon took the rolled up map from the bookshelf and spread it out on the table. He took out his compass and began plotting his course to Mellus. His eyes inadvertantly wandered over to Espardius Lands.

"Aye, like to told the lads, fortune and glory......and vengence," he mumbled to himself while his lips began to form a big toothy grin.

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