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 Post subject: Once Upon a Full Moon
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:52 am 
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The night was almost day like with the moon overhead showing brightly down on Tol Arum. It was a full moon, rarely a good sign. A young elf by the name of Jack stumbled out of the local tarven, or rather had stayed until the inn had closed and was kicked out. He had been trying to drink away the sorrows of a meaningless life. Sure he was a successful farmer, proud father, and devoted husband. But sitting in that inn, eavesdropping on stories of heroes and fortune, he thought to himself 'that could have been me, if i wasn't born the son of a farmer'. He had drunk excessively this night, moreso than usually. He had a reputation of being a the town whino, and filling the local inns with fantastical stories of magical beasts, monstorous deamons and other notions that were foreign to those who frequented those kinds of taverns. It had gotten to the point where he was mostly ignored by the patrons of the town or other nearby ones.

As he walked down the empty path toward his tiny log cabin, he heard a rustling in the nearby bushes off of the path. He stopped in his tracks, there was a brief moment of pause, an eerie silence, there were torches lighting the path, but it was pitch black and almost impossible to make out anything beyond the path.

"He- *hic* Hello?" Jack called out.

Just than a large black figure burst out of the bushes and into the darkness. Jack statled by the sudden movement, quickly ran back toward the inn. When he got there, he began to bang on the door loudly, kicking and punching frantically. He heard another rustling in background and he continued to pound away at the door. Finally the innkeeper came to door, "WHAT IN THE HEL..." he was cut off by Jack who tried to force his way in.

"Mr. Donovan you have to help me, there's some beast chasi.." this time Jack was cut short as the much bigger innkeeper wrapped his large hand around Jack's neck and shoved him back wth all of his might. Jack flew back several feet, landing with a thud in the middle of the dirt road. As plumes of smoke rose around Jack, he lay there motionless.

"It's the bloody hour of the wolf lad, if'n you come banging on this door with anymore of yer ridiculous hallicination , that shove I gave ye will feel like a bloodeh vacation!" yelled the innkeeper. He slammed the door.

Jack slowly sat up and began to dust himself off. He heard the rustling again, and that eerie fear retook him. He turned away from noise and began to run as fas as he could. He did not care where he was going, he was in a state of sheer panic. He could not hear anything behind him but it felt as if he was being chased. He continued to run, deeper and deeper into the woods. He was getting darker and darker until he could not see where he was going, he could only vaguely make out the path he was running along by moonlight. Suddenly he tripped over a root that had grown across the path. He hit the ground hard, for a few moment he lay perfectly still, frozen with terror. He didn't hear anything, Jack slowly made his way to his feet and began to knock the dead leaves and dirt off of his tunic, while he was catching his breath. He continued to inhale deeply, relief washed over him. Nothing was chasing him, he was just making mountains out of mole hills again. Though it was pitch black where had come, Jack began to fumble in his pocket for his matches. Finally he found them and struck the match. He looked down at the root that tripped him.

He kicked it and thought to myself, "I may have run all the way to Roc if you didn't stop me,". He chuckles softly. Again, there was a rustling, it was closer this time. Jack's eyes widened. The rustling continued to get closer and closer to Jack who could not move, he wanted to, but fear had gripped him again and he was in fact utterly helpless.The closer the noise got, the faster Jack's heart would beat until finally he saw what was hunting him. Though he was speechless and could not verbalize what he was thinking, it was simply "Well that's bigger than any wolf I've ever seen." The beast charged, tackled, and sunk it's teeth into Jack's shoulder as he screamed in agony.

*in the distance a wolf howls*

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