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 Post subject: Lone Cub
PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:11 am 
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It had been a long day, she had patrolled the town from sun up until sundown. She felt weak in the knees as she trudged through the snow to her old rickety shack. "Oi dun see 'ow 'e did this ever'day, climbin' up the wall wit' the wind whippin' at yer face, walkin' 'long the battlements in the bitter cold, and forget gate detail. Ya stand there fer 12 hours wit' nothin' ta do 'cept catch frostbite or get attacked by 'oever's 'oldin' a grudge." She spat at the thought as she pushed the door of her shack open.

One single person mattress was in the back right corner, a small table and chair we off to the left side by the door. Other than that, the shack was a poorly made wooden mess, with knots and gaps in the wood, that would allow the bitter winds to cut right through. As for decor, there was a bear pelt on the rug, and one on the bed that would most likely be used for a blanket. There was also a very small wood stove on the left side of the shack, next to the table. The woman took one look at the stove, and noticed that the fire was fading. She went outside and picked up two pieces of split wood that was sitting outside leaning against the shack. Opening the stove, she carefully placed both pieces of wood in and closed it. The woman than sat on her mattress and began to remove her snow covered attire, beginning with her boots. She continued this until she was down to her undergarments. With a deep sigh, she laid down, pulling the bear skin up to her chest. Almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

Suddenly she was four years old again and back in the cart, the cart was made of wood, even the wheels, however on either side of the cart sat long, hollow metal polls. She looked around, completely perplexed by what was going on, then she saw him. The huge hooded man pushing the cart. Her heart began to fill with joy as she began to sob.

"Da?" she managed to get out through her tears.

He looked to at her as his grizzled and scarred face began to show beneath his white hood, he gave her the same cocky, reassuring look he always had, "Yes love," he replied.

"What are we doin'? Why are is 'ere?" she barely got out, wiping the tears from her eyes.

He stopped the cart and set it down for a moment "Lookin' fer the people responsible of what 'appned to yer mum," his smile faded as he said it.

"What if'n we dun find 'em da?"

He took a deep breath, "Look love, 'ow long 'ave I been teachin' ye to track an' 'unt? It be the same thing. Only there be bloodshed in the end."

"What be bloodshed, you mean like fightin'?" she asked

"No, dear I mean killin'," he responded as he set down the cart again and looked off into the distance.

"But Da, you never taugh me 'ow to k...," she was cut off by the man.

"Shhh...quiet love, we may 'ave company," he said just below a whisper.

She did as she was told and crouched down inside the cart. But when she peaked out all she could see was a silhouette of about ten adults, she could not be sure what their gender or race was.

The little girl looked up to her father as he was loosening his shield from his back and strapping it to his right arm. "Da, are we going to die?"

The man in white gave a yank at the blade in his hilt to make sure it hadn't frosted together and leaned over to his little girl. "No my dear." He paused and looked at the large number of men walking toward them with weapons drawn. He then leaned down toward his daughter, giving her the same reassuring smile again followed by a kiss on the top of the head, "They are."

And with that the man in white walked directly toward the large group. The first person took a spear and jabbed it at the man in white's head. However the man was too fast. He spun off to his left side while simultaneously ripping his rapier from it's sheathe and then proceeded to thrust it through the man with the spear. As the little girl watched she could only make out a blur of white and red as each silhouette fell one by one until there was only one standing. The man in white was about fifty feet from the final challenger, he began to sprint towards the little girl in the cart. There was no way her father would make it in time, so thinking quickly the little girl jumped over to other side and grabbed the lever at the bottom of the cart. But she could not use it yet, the man was not close enough. Just a few more seconds, closer, closer, NOW! She thought to herself as she pulled the lever, it released the springs inside the metal poles on each side of a cart, launching a projectile spears from each pole. One of the spears ripped through the approaching man and out the other side, splashing the little girls face in the blood and gore. Suddenly, her father had stopped his desperate run toward the cart, and began to walk back to her, whistling something cheerful.

When he got to her, he was a repulsive sight to say the least, covered in gore and entrails. However, she still jumped up and gave him a huge hug anyway. He squeezed her tightly and kissed her on the cheek. "That was well done love, to answer yer question, 'opefully I won't 'ave to teach ya 'ow to kill, it's what yer mother woulda wanted."

Suddenly she woke up. Her head was racing, all the times her and her father had taken on bandits or worse. The expeditions they had taken to the frozen wastelands to chart new areas that had never before been mapped out. He was her hero. And suddenly she was overcome with grief. About a year back, he had fallen through a thin patch of ice, and caught a chill that he never recovered from. When she was little she thought her father could do anything, that he was invincible to all his enemies. And in the end, it was the hazards of living in the north that claimed his life. She reached under the mattress and pulled out a large black box. She opened it up and stared at the contents. It was her father's old swords, she had never felt worthy to use them. The people of Snowbourne would talk about him like he was some kind of great man. And then she saw the shaded goggles. They had belonged to her uncle. Most of her days in the cart would mostly pertain to her father telling her stories about him and her uncle. As she picked up the shaded goggles and examined them, she could hear her fathers voice. "You're uncle made these, they provide protection from the reflection of the sun off the snow, trust me, these will save your life." She nodded and picked up the goggles and placed them on the top of her head. She also removed both of her fathers rapiers of their case and a small notebook that at the bottom of the box. "It's time."

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