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 Post subject: Febriel's Diary
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:41 pm 
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*The diary appears very organized, written in a beautiful calligraphy with small doodles spread around the page. She clearly spent a long time thinking of what to say.*

Dear diary,

My name is Febriel Latoneren. My life is my duty, and my duty is protecting my family, the Sylvan Alliance, from those who would threaten it. I've thought a lot about whether I wanted to create a diary. Until recently I would've laughed at the idea. I've always just lived in the moment. Didn't really care whether anyone heard my story; didn't figure anyone would care to hear my story. To be honest, I'm still a little apprehensive about it, but recently I've had a little eye opener about the future. You see, I've met a man. Saethe is his name. I've never been one for relationships. I've always kind of thought they were a waste of time since they so rarely last. On top of that, I always do something to screw it up. Anyway. Saethe, however, is . . . different. I'm not going to fill up this diary with details about what a great man he is or things like that. Not that it's not important, but I'd have to get a new diary just to make it fit. Anyway, Saethe's neither the kind of man who enters a relationship knowing it won't last, nor is he the kind who enters a relationship with the mindset that he's going to be married to that person. I'm sure whoever is reading this thinks I sound silly, but he really just cares for what I want. Well, there I go again. . . Sorry. Back to the story.

Years ago, I came to the Shield Lands as a kind of nomadic hunter. Lived by myself, lived for myself. I was totally independent. I won't go into detail about my family. I'm separated from them, and that's all you need to know. Anyway, I came to the Shield Lands for new game, because I had heard how plentiful their forests were. Now, if you've never been to the Shield Lands, you need to know that some of the creatures there are far from normal. They've been infected by some kind of daemonic evil. I only vaguely remember what happened. A bear or something like it managed to strike me down. I thought surely I was going to die, but a woman came along. An elf, like me. It's all a blur, but I remember her taking me to a town nearby. Sparrowvale. She tended to my wounds and explained some things to me about the lands. She told me about some people who could help me. She called them the Sylvan Alliance. Katya—that was her name. Katya Tylderaan—took me to a port town called West Port. She explained to me that the people who could help lived in a forest past West Port. She brought me through the forest, explaining to people along the way that I was with her. I didn't understand why they were so apprehensive to let me pass. It was just a forest, after all. Along the way, a lizardwoman named Ocheeva stopped us to inquire as to our business. Katya told her how she had found me and mentioned that they could help me, and that I could help them. I was fairly confused. If I couldn't keep myself alive, how was I going to help anyone else? Ocheeva agreed escort me the rest of the way, describing the forest and the residents. She told me she was a Sis'Ralar, a race of lizard people who live in a kind of mutual protection pact with the elves of Eringalen. What happened next, though, blew my mind. She brought me before a group of people—some kind of council, she called it. They took a vote to decide whether I was to be allowed to live among them. I thought it was kind of silly, considering the Shield Lands are almost entirely forest. They said I could live there if Ocheeva and Katya would teach me their creed and lifestyle. Little did I know that years later I would be where I am now.

Jumping forward a few years, I climbed through the ranks of Eringalen. I had a pretty good life, lots of friends. I met a man named Jordin Garmenth. At the time, I thought he was the best thing ever to happen to me. Laughable. He was a sailor. For some reason I thought he and his silver tongue were the most amazing things to grace the planet or something like that. He certainly had a way with words. Anyway. After I had gotten attached to him, he decided to sail away without even a goodbye. Well, keep him in mind. I'll be mentioning him again. I met a few more important people, like Ferngorn, Daisy, Merc and Ghost, Ailis, and a few others.

Jumping forward even a few more years, where we are today, my life is extremely confusing. I don't have any idea where my best friend Katya is. Some of my best friends now are supposed to be my enemies. And on top of that, Saethe is making me feel so conflicted. Don't get me wrong, I really do love him, but. . . I don't know. I should feel bad about all this, but I don't. All I feel is happiness. You'll see what I mean. Let me explain.

My best friend Almond is fifteen. She's taking care of the son of her deceased best friend. Her mother is dead because, well, that's complicated. Another friend, Zach, is . . . well. . . He's tough to explain. If I wrote about him in here, we'd all get a one-way ticket to the Whitehall Asylum. Anyway, Almond's going through a tough time, and I can't help feeling bad that I'm not. And there's this kid, Arec, who seems to really be going through a bad time. I want to help him, if he'll let me.

Saethe is a huge help for me. If not for him, I'd probably still be depressed about Jordin leaving. I'm over that now. Well. . . I was. A few days ago Almond told me that she saw Jordin. In Sparrowvale. I just about died from the horror. Not only did I have to explain to Saethe, I had to explain to Jordin, too. Of course, it's not like it was a tough decision. Saethe hasn't left me, nor do I expect that he will. Saethe has been nothing but an encouragement to me. Without him I'd probably not be able to handle any of this. I might even have. . . No, never mind. That's not going to happen.

~Febriel Latoneren, Huinë'ohtar uin Eringalen

Cast of Characters:
Nobbin - Goblin thaumaturge of Mal-Grey

Yuvie - Pixie fighter of the Sis'Ralar
Febriel Latoneren : Main - Elven shadow warrior of Eringalen
Spark'a'loo - Oaken magician of the Phansee
Shivani - Shae healer of the Sis'Ralar
Zephyr - Vulpe archer of the Sis'Ralar
Ania Kelteel - Priestess of Eringalen

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