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 Post subject: Vulcano Chronicles
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:53 pm 
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And so our story begins, with two Sis harranis and a Half-Elf near the big vulcano. The older sis Harrani, looks to the floor and picks a flower.
- So why we picking flowers anyway? - The older sis harrani says while holding a flower.
- Its for a special potion, i need to make, and these flowers can only be found here, and they are very rare, so be carefull there. - So says the half-elf holding a small bag now ful of flowers.
The younger sis harrani, lays on the ground and rolls happy sorrounded by flowers. - Mess like picking flowers. - So says the younger Sis Harrani.
- TRAINING!!! - The older Sis Harrani yells and sends a rock right on direction of the little Sis Harrani, and it hits him. The young Sis Harrani yells in pain and holds his head, only to see more rocks going in his direction, and he starts to dodge them.
- Well done Kir. - The older Sis Harrani laughs and stops sending rocks.
- Oh leave the Kid alone Iskakku. - says the half-elf picking flowers.
All of sudden the ground begind to shake and they hear a big cracking noise.
- Pedro, whats going on here. - Iskakku says alarmed, and Pedro looks around spotting the vulcano and noticing lava going on their direction really fast.
-Kir, Iskakku come to me fast!! - And they go to Pedro, he makes a shield spell all of sudden, a powerfull shield spell that goes from the ground to up in the sky, resembling a huge fire wall. All of sudden the lava reaches them and crashes against the shield.
- Pedro, is getting hot here. -Kir says been unconfortable.
- Oh shut up you wossie. - Iskakku hits Kir in the top of his head. At same time Pedro looks for a scroll in his bag and finds hit.
- Here it is. - Pedro opens it and says the words, all of sudden Pedro turns into a massive winged lizard and flys off with kir and iskakku.
-Oh bless that katarious wizard and his scrolls. - Pedro says in a roaring voice, Iskakku gives a huge bite to Pedro back and he yells in pain.
- Don't say that blasphemy or i will rip your eyes off. - Iskakku seems mad and Pedro grumbles.

After a few minutes Pedro turns into his form while they are at mid air and they begin to fall near a huge cliff.
- Oh Nooooo!! - Pedro Yells.
- Kir, number one hundred and ten war tactic. - Iskakku yells while they fall, and all of sudden Iskakku grabs kir with one hand and Pedro with another, Kir takes his claws off and attempts to grab the cliff.
- Huuurrrttttssss!!! - Kir yells and they begin to stop falling as Kir get a better grip of the cliff, a few seconds later they stop falling.
- Oh for the gods, nice one Kir. - Pedro says.
- Now kir climb up, go go go. - Iskakku yells.
- Yes father. -Kir begins to climb with Pedro and Iskakku holding on him.
- We better help, Iskakku. - Pedro says and starts to move.
- Don't move Pedro, let kir do this, its nice training. - Iskakku says and gives a laugh.
- Oh gods. - Pedro shakes his head and stays quiet.
And so Kir climbs up and up, doing his best to hold on and bring his friends to safety.

Vallar Mal Kuzar, Sis-Ralar druid
Pedro Miguel ina Sis'Puhrum
Aewyre Thoryn ina Sis Ralar, Warrior(retired)
Quenestil Antaros, Young warrior
Blink'aloo Phansee, The sanest of the Phansee Family
Kir Imhas, The most dangerous and insane Sis Harrani


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