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 Post subject: The youngest of two....(Kazuma Dela'Morte)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:24 am 
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Kazuma Dela’Morte

Journal entry: 1

So I am desiding to write in this journal in which Tear gave me. It feels kinda odd to actually be putting down in words the thoughts that have gone through my head. But I was told that this is a good way to remember things in which we forget later on in life. So im going to give it a go. First I need to figure out what exactly to write in this book. But it is a nice book I give her that, good leather….nice binding on it to keep a nosey twin sister from getting into it. In which she gets from Da totally. Anywho…guess I should really think of something to write…. Whoa what!?!? I hear fighting…

*As Kazuma tries to write in the book he gets destracted and goes to investigate placing the book down on the ground.*

*As he runs up to investigate what is going on he runs into his elven mother dueling Mystearica again. His first thoughts go to getting out his gnarls and betting with Lacia once more on who is going to win so he goes to ask his father where his brother is.*

Kazuma- “Eh….Da….where you at? I was wondering if you know where Lacia is because well Ma and Tear are going at it again. And well….Im thinking it’s time for a little redemption on Lacia! For I shall claim my gnarls back.”

*A rustling comes from the closet and as Kazuma peaks his head around the corner he see’s his father tearing into the closet as if it stole his gnarl horde or something. He blinks a moment and walks over only to be dodging flying storage.*

Kazuma- “Whoa! Hey….*dodges another flying object* Holy maccaroons flying junk arrows…Da…*dodges but almost trips and makes a squeeking noise* Yikes! Da what the heck are you doing?!?!”

*Kazuma yells to get his fathers attention as he dodges random things being tossed over his fathers shoulder.*

Christophe- “Where in da bloomin hells is that freaking thing….*more things fly over his shoulder as more rants come out of his Kazuma’s fathers mouth.* Bloomin junk bloody everywhere all over--- *tosses more stuff* “

Kazuma- “Da….stop with the junk bombs eh….your going to break something or worse..hit someone. *He speaks once more to his father waving his arms to get his attention* Like seriously…..its like a bloomin junk storm out here….hails of junk piles….what are you doing?”

*Christophe finally looks up through his graying bangs and smiles eyeing his son. Then a smirk comes to his face before he speaks.*

Christophe- “Just between you and I….I’m looking for the horde…..the stuff I layed under all this and in the pannels….its not here. I know I ain’t bloomin old enough to be loosin ma frickin mind yet. But I coulda sworn this be where me be hiding ma lil horde. *he speaks with his normal accent and still digs before resting a hand on the trim and looking to his son once more* ….I bet they found it….”

Kazuma- “Eh? What do you mean by they found it? Who are you talkin about you crazy old far--- *before he can finish that sentense a bucket ends up on his head. A fast shot from his dad and well a epic fail on Kazuma’s dodging part.*

*After a brief struggle with trying to get the thing off Kazuma pulls it off only to see his dad gone and hearing more things being torn up elsewhere. But where it sounds as if its in the house somewhere but like in the walls. Kazuma walks over the junk and leans on the wall only to fall through it and be flat on his face. Looking up to see a rotating wall door and his father standing there digging. A ton of different gems and treasures layed out around this wall room which seems too large to be so well hidden. Pictures of his father and his old group of pirates hang upon the walls. Gnarls lay on the ground with odd golden treasures about and priceless looking weapons.*

Kazuma- “Holy….hells….how…..wait….no…how did we not find…*rubs his head then gets up and rests his hands on the back of his head with elbows in the air.* You know…they got help for people like you Da….because you got some serious issues…”

Kazuma- “Does Ma know you horde her priceless stuff in here with whatever this all is Da?”

Christophe- “You think your bloomin Ma doesn’t know….that woman knows the moment I sneak a extra bread roll from the panty….she is like a Daemon fox with her ears when it comes to her stuff….as for help …no… I just like my stuff. And Aha! Found it!”

*Christophe pulls out something wrapped up within a golden silk like cloth. He draws out from the cloth a set of cloths that are obviously enchanted with magic and matching braciers and hood. Above this set of cloths is a pair of sword within their sheaths. The obvious magic in them is of high calibur. The blades each marked with different name one stood out more then the other and that was Kasai Suto-mu. Christophe’s famous sword that he never let go of.*
*Christophe picks up the blade and cloths and passes them to Kazuma with a smile.*

Christophe- “Your mother explained to me of your wee lil lover’s quest and that you will be leaving with her. You are young ma boy and got a lot to bloody learn about the world and the lil ferious lass you don’t know you love yet is gonna be your bloomin one to fallow. So I be handin over my stuff to you to protect yah. Blade and all it’s yours. *He smirks as he eyes his son* I may not have been the best of father but I taught you well. Saw you and yer wee sister grow up into fine sprouts. And watched over both your arse’s but now your Ma and I have given permission for you to finally leave. To go with the wee fire cracker and guard her. She is your Ma’s wee trainy sprout and will need your help. Just remember to keep your eyes sharp, your ears perked and your blade true my boy. Time will test yah and a whole world will be out there for you to see. Whether yah fallow in our bloomin footsteps or not is your wee bloody choice. But know that yer family be here if yah be needing us.

Christophe- “Oh and if yah break me bloody blade I be comin after your lil elven arse full speed ya wee buger. *he smiles as he says, before walking out of the hiden room leaving his son*”

*Kazuma eyes the things his father gave him and blinks in shock. A new path has been laid before him and a new adventure about to start. His only thoughts is that it doesn’t start with fighting bloody rats like all the stories start. As he thinks such he hears a hollar in the background from some angry family members.*

“Kaaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuummmmmaaaaaaaaaa! Would you kill the freaking rats in the pantry before they get into your fathers ale!”

*Kazuma simply face palms and sighs before going to slay the foul little beasts who invade his fathers greatest treasure of all. The ale.*

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