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 Post subject: The rise of an old power
PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:53 pm 
Pink Penguin

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Guard Jantin cursed as the rain began. "Damn rain". He spit and moved close to the Pouring Rum Tavern in the vain hope that he might keep somewhat dry until his shift ended. There was a bit of a nip in the air and he stomped his feet more to give himself something to do then in an effort to keep warm.

It was the middle of the night and time always seemed to go slower when you had the night shift. He sighed started to sing a slightly vulgar ditty, just to pass the time, but quited abruptly as movement in the distance caught his attention. He watched as a ragged figure stumbled down the slick cobble stone roads. A first glance it looked like another filthy elven refugee. Bloody beggars were everywhere these days. It was enough to make a man sick. He shook his head almost dismissing the sight, but something about this didn't feel right. Jantin had not survived as a guard in the worst part of Dark Haven for more than a year without knowing when to listen to his instincts.
He put his hand on the hilt of his sword and waited.

As the figure got closer he noticed that the figure was actually young elven male. He looked to be seriously wounded and in Jantin's professional judgement he wouldn't make it to dawn with out a damn good healer. The elf slipped and fell to his knees a few feet away. He panted for a few moments then looked at Jantin with fervor bright eyes. " The Katar", he gasped. " They know! You have to warn". An arrow ripped though the elf's left eye and he collapsed face first into a filthy puddle.

Jantin dropped to the ground and crawled to the edge of the building for cover. He pulled out a small crossbow and waited. Silence. Nothing moved in the streets.

After what seemed like an hour Jatin got to his knees. He checked the rooftops for bowmen then slowly rose to his feet. He hooked his crossbow back to his belt and walked over to the dead elf. The body still lay face down in the street. He pulled his sword and used his boot to roll the body over.

He noticed something odd about the elves hand. He leaned down for a closer inspection and noticed a bit of oiled cloth clutched in the dead elf's grip. The guard looked around then relieved the dead elf of anything he could sale. After a few moments he pulled the cloth from the dead elves hands. A rolled parchment lay nestled within the folds of the cloth. Jantin frowned and unrolled it. He glanced at it briefly and shook his head. Was a damn shame he never leaned to read.

He pulled out a small gem from a pouch tied to his belt and spoke a word. The gem glowed softly as the guard reported the incident. Some of the other lads would be along in a bit to take care of the body. Jantin put the small gem back into it's protective pouch and wrapped the oiled cloth around the rolled parchment and tucked it into his belt. Tomorrow he would take it to the mayor's office and see if he could find a scribe to read it to him. Maybe that pretty little blond he had his eye on. He chuckled softly and glanced up. At least the blood rain had stopped.


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