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 Post subject: The "big change" update 9/2012
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:33 pm 
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In response to this thread:
the DM team has come up with the next big change for Stormnexus. We considered many options, and our talks were as long, or longer than the posts playerside and included a DM meeting. We have worked through the plans, and are now ready for the next phase of change.

It was clear many of you want something to "shake things up" and stimulate more RP and storyline progression. We listened to you all, and read all the posts. Obviously, there are many thoughts on what to change. Talks of vault wipes, regression of the storyline, revert to earlier time in history, etc. It appears the best choice of action, and the one most players seemed to favor in one form or another, was to have some large change to RP and world dynamic, while continuing forward with the current time and without any "vault wipe".

As you are all aware, SN has a very rich history and culture. Much on the history has been RP'd and created buy all of us, the players. SN is also unique. Where else do you find "good" undead, or short lived, cut-throat elves? So, the idea of changing that special flavor is something we can probably all agree would diminish the special place SN is.

So, what do we do to make the next "big change? Here it is......

Realms are going away.

In a series of events, the realms we have all been a part of will be destroyed. Some events will be played out (times to be announced), others will be announced and RP'd. I don't want to give away specifics, but I can say each realm will have slightly different events for their demise, while the overall destruction is according to a big event. And no, it isn't earthquakes, volcanos, etc. This will be something the players will be able to get involved in. However, the end result will be realms destroyed.

Now, before everyone gets too worried, realms can return. However, it will be up to all of us to do it. There will be a new series of steps to rebuild realms, or even create new realms. The plan is to involve both RP, and collection of things needed to build realms. Players will start with a group of like-minded folks, and then claim land. They will quest for items needed, and start small, building small "keeps". Later, they may progress to full realms with castles, or whatever. The plan for this will be announced separately.

What you build, weather a replacement for your old realms, or something completely new, is up to you. You can try something completely different if you want. The only limit is you imagination. You may choose to rebuild what is lost, or make something never seen before on SN. The opportunity to RP a new direction is wide open!

PvP will remain. There will be battles for lands and resources. Keeps will be constructed and become the focus of player efforts to build. The value of the keeps is going to be expanded from our old realm system and include PvP, resources, and quests. Raiding another keep will yeild benefits beyond bragging rights and a potential realm gem. Raiding a keep might just help you build and fortify your keep faster.

This idea was based upon suggestions and ideas you, the players, have brought to the DM team. You made it clear that the majority of players wanted something to give us a new direction, but at the same time preserve our rich history and story. In an effort to provide that, we listened to you and are giving you something never done before! This is your chance to creae the next chapter in the story of SN! What will happen? What epic history will unfold? It's up to you all, the players to decide it, RP it, and build it! Will some players want to rebuild their lost realm? Maybe, and that's fine. Will others build a completely new realm? Most likely, and it's fine too. This is a chance for players to make their on mark on the history of SN!

So, there it is. Look for the times and RP announcements in the forum.

If questions, please feel free to start a new thread playerside.

That little gleam in your eye... it's me!

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