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 Post subject: Crafting update
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:57 pm 
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Strange lights and smoke rises from the Wizard smiths halls. Several wagon loads of materials come and go for several days while the doors remain closed and no entry is allowed. Once re-opened, those who enter are amazed by newly designed forges. The entry Wizard smith explains to all who enter:

The rune forge (replacing the Forge of Storms) will work as following.
- Place item in forge (like you do now)
- As you close a second inventory opens (instead of you going to the smith and initiating the conversation)
- Place the runes you wish to craft into the item, can put one or more (instead of going once or several times though the conversation with the smith)
- A conversation will open giving you the following options

- Examine the item - Displays the examine window for the item you are crafting so that you can see where you stand (instead of canceling the conversation and checking your item manually)
- Add more Runes - Let's you add more runes to the item you placed in the forge
- Accept changes to the item - Saves all crafting changes to your item and gives it to you (same as picking up the item from the forge of storms)
- Cancel modifications and refund runes - Cancels all changes to the item, returning the item originally placed there and all the runes used to modify it this session (Doesnt exist in the forge of storms)

Rune Converter will have 4 functions:
1) Placing a single rune will open a conversation allowing you to down-grade a rune or cancel past down-grading to its original state
2) Placing 3 runes will merge them into random rune of the same level, has 10% chance of critical merge yielding a rune one rank above.
Placing 5 runes will merge them into a random rune 1 level above, has 10% chance for 2 levels above, 5% chance for 3 levels above and 2% chance for 4 levels above.
(Runes must be of the same quality)
3) Gem to Rune conversion - same as the rune merging only using Gems
Gem Ranks vs Rune Quality:
Raw = Poor = Rank 1
Fine = Average = Rank 2
Quality = Good = Rank 3
Pure = Excellent = Rank 4
---- = Master Work = Rank 5
4) Placing 5 Katar Gems will create the Rune of the Master, this is a usable rune not a crafting rune, using it on an item will increase it's quality by 1 rank (used on equipable items, not runes)
Placing a Realm Gem will create the Epic Rune of the Master, a rune that can increase quality by up to 4 ranks.

There are many more rune types, and more crafting options for each item, be it something that could not be crafted in the past like regeneration or spell slots, or a property carried from other item types, such as STR stat bonuses on anything instead just rings. So the crafting process will be customizable.

//The crafting process is going to change, likely in our next update. You will be able to find "runes" now and craft in ways not possible before. Gems you currently hold, that used to be used in crafting, will be convertable into runes.

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