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 Post subject: Character Creation Tips
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:12 am 
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I was just doing a bit of writing, and figured I'd pass on a tip or two for any folks thinking of making a new character, or even expanding on one of their own. This is what helps me when I decide I want a new character. If it works for you too, awesome! This is mostly copied and pasted from a pokemon game I'm making, so if a pikachu slips in, pretend it's a Dark One or something ;)

Does your character have any skills?
A particular skill can help to define a character and make them something more... real. I don't mean "I have 127 hide/ms", as that's just game mechanics... think of something your character can do that makes them special. I, personally, am a skilled singer, decent with writing and acting, but I'm a terrible dancer. Music means a lot to me, as do many things to do with creativity, but I'm not big on movement. As in the example, also think of something your character is bad at. It's not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses that define us.

What are your hobbies?
Hobbies and interests help define who we are, and do not always correlate with your skills. I'm very interested in how things are put together, but I lack the fine motor skills to take things apart and find out for myself, and most certainly can't put them back together again. I'm a curious person, but the act of learning is more important to me then actually finding an answer.

What are your goals?
This is a big one, and comes in three stages. Give your characters a few short term goals, 1 or 2 long term, and then think of an 'eternal' goal, something they will never achieve. Short term goals help give you early direction, and give your character something to do when you first create them. For example, you might have the goal "Join an Alliance" or "Claim and defend a Keep". Long term goals are something to give you something to aim for, something that will define who you become, how much will you sacrifice for your goal. An example of this could be "Attain Knighthood" or "Bring x people in to your realm". Finally, you should try to give your character a goal that they will likely never attain during the life of the server. Something for them to endlessly strive for. An example might be "I want to save the world" or "I want to conquer the world". These two, huge goals, create smaller ones. Using Rico as an example, his ultimate goal is to save the world and end all war, but he knows he can't achieve that in one life time, so he wants either to have someone he knows can carry on his quest when he dies, or to gain immortality so he knows it's done properly. Nedes, on the other hand, wants to conquer the world, and is already immortal. Her goals within goals become making allies, gauging the strength of entire races and deciding who she needs to kill to achieve her ends.

What is your character's Alignment?
I HATE the sliding scale of Good vs Evil, Chaos vs Law. Morality is a lot more complex then that... however, alignment does help a lot in deciding what you'll do in a situation you hadn't planned for. Rico's alignment is best described as Chaotic Neutral-Good, so if I see something happen, I will generally choose the action that is most chaotic, but at least causes SOME good in the world.

A note about Law, Chaos, Good and Evil. It's all perspective. What one race or alliance considers good, will be another race's evil. Just because you're a daemon, doesn't mean you can't be lawful good, it just means your definition of lawful good is different from everyone else's. You eat people, and want to conquer the world, for the good of the empire and, by extention, the universe, because obviously daemon kind is going to control the universe at SOME point. This ties in with your goals... Nedes wants to conquer the world, but that doesn't mean she's evil for it. She just doesn't think anyone else can do the job properly. What I refer to here is defined quite nicely over at tvtropes

What are your character's fears?
Many people are scared of something, nobody's fearless. Maybe something happened in your past to trigger a fear of something. Maybe you almost died after being attacked by wolf, and so you fear all four legged furry things, and maybe hate the Vulpe and other beast races. Likes and dislikes work alongside this, because what makes one person fear something may make another despise it, and another still respect it.

My main Characters

Rico De'vega - Forsaken Scout and Loudmouth.
Phoenix - Professor of Spontaneous Thaumaturgical Combustions (and more) of the PhD.
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